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Isolda & Phebo


We know which teams have qualified for the World Cup. We know the group draw. Now all that’s left to discover is the exclusive #YOOXSOCCERCOUTURE sweatshirt and T-shirt collection for this summer 2018 in Russia.

Some of the world’s most fashion-forward brands take the field with YOOX interpreting their nationalities through prints and unique designs. From Brazil, Isolda’s artwork is inspired by three natural elements that define Brazil and the national colours of its legendary football team: Lush green rainforests, golden sandy beaches and the glittering blue ocean. Combined with Isolda’s signature watercolor prints depicting the tropical flora and fauna of Brazil, the artwork captures the essence of a vast country whose diverse cultures are united in their passion for football.


ISOLDA has designed an exclusive collection of women’s athleisure wear for MEMO that combines the fitness know-how of MEMO with ISOLDA’s signature prints. Juju and Maya are constantly inspired by the profound beauty of Brazil, exploring their home country’s rich cultural heritage and design in each of the 33 pieces they made for this unique collection. For ISOLDA x MEMO, they will explore and reinterpret the floral theme from some of ISOLDA’s most celebrated collections, playing with the flowers of the bananeira to create the prints and textiles that have made their name.

A nossa loja mudou de endereço.

Estamos atendendo exclusivamente no nosso atelier na rua Teçaindá, 60 – Pinheiros – São Paulo.

Será um prazer recebê-los!